Being an Executive Manager at The Jewish Board, Inc.

Communities always have an opportunity to come together for great causes. Social problems seem to happen for many reasons. Complications have many origins that can bring hardship to people in a community. In New York City, there is the Jewish Board of Family and Children Services which was started in 1874.

Recently the organization acquired another large and diverse nonprofit organization. The Federation Employment Guidance Services (FEGS) was a Manhattan-based social service agency. For 81 years, FEGS provided behavioral and residential services to those suffering with mental health challenges. The Jewish Board of Family and Children Services will take over the portfolio of behavioral and residential services. Thea Jandzio is a well-respected executive program director at The Jewish Board, Inc. who manages the adult and family residential services division.

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The Importance of HIV/AIDS Programs

It is important to provide support for people who suffer from HIV/AIDS. Research has brought medical advancements in treating those who suffer from this disease. At the moment, there is no cure, but proven treatments can assist in controlling symptoms and medical complications.

Organizations play a vital role in helping individuals, families and communities cope with the disease of HIV/AIDS. Some organizations may conduct research while others may offer direct service provision to help individuals and families cope the disease. Public Health Solutions is a nonprofit organization that focuses on finding solutions to prevent disease and provide services to the community. Thea Jandzio was employed at Public Health Solutions as a Contract Manager for Medical and Health Research Association; HIV Care Services. She is a compassionate individual who cares for the needs of struggling populations, including but not limited to those suffering from poverty, HIV and AIDS. She understands the importance of HIV prevention, direct service delivery programs and research based funding and policy.

Thea Jandzio: Great Accomplishments as a Senior Manager

Reaching established goals and outcomes is progress in any organization. For the professional that strives to manage various projects simultaneously and is able to maintain a leadership role; senior management often identifies these employees to promote within. The majority of management positions require years of valuable experience, education and in some cases credentialing. Having a background in leadership is desired by many employers. Most senior managers have the authority to influence decision making in an organization.

Managing and ensuring that programs are running effectively is an expectation Thea Jandzio strives for. She is involved and sees the importance of staff development to ensure personnel are up to date with the latest information pertaining to best practices, outcome measures and the importance to use modern technology to improve efficiency and productivity.

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