Thea Jandzio – Brief Introduction.

Thea Jandzio assists Continuum of Care community plans to offer emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing and other related services. HUD has required communities to do systemic planning in addressing the homeless crisis on local levels. Thea Jandzio is a dedicated Clinical Social Worker who also brings a wealth of management experience to Social Services Organizations.



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Thea Jandzio – Three Characteristics Required of an Executive Manager

Thea Jandzio is an experienced Executive Manager in the health and human services industry. Thea Jandzio currently works for the Jewish Board of Family and Children Services, which is the largest non-profit in New York City. Thea Jandzio is the Executive Program Director of Adult and Family Residential Services and is primarily responsible for managing and administering programs.

Three traits are beneficial for an Executive Manager to possess:

  • Executive managers must have team leadership skills. They must be able to ensure that all team members are invested in providing a positive influence towards the outcome of the main objective. Leadership also requires Executive Managers to act as a resource to the team and be able to provide inspiration when necessary.
  • Executive managers must be able to take responsibility for the programs they are managing. Executive Managers are in charge of their programs while also showing trust and confidence in the employees working on the project.
  • Executive managers are able to show humility when sharing their achievements and admit their mistakes when appropriate. Mistakes should be discussed and used as an opportunity to learn and improve. Sharing past achievements with humility instills confidence in others and can be used as a source of inspiration.



Thea Jandzio is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New York. She has a Masters of Social Work from Fordham University. She spent ten years managing street homeless programs in New York City working with the chronically homeless.

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